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Gold Graph Works

Each graph portrays the South African art market from 1996-2013 based on the top 9 local artists (depending on maximum hammer price at auction). Each artist is represented by a different gold medium. These works show gold becoming more of a theme than merely a colour scheme. These works come together to form creations which are images in their own right, separate from the concept on which they are based


Pie Graph Series

This series speaks of the 9 top South African artists according to maximum hammer price at auction. Each work includes a pie graph which illustrates a certain artist’s sales. Each piece of the pie represents a different year ranging from 2009-2013 which is then coloured with different tones of gold glitter. The cartoon-like drawings accompanying the pie graphs illustrate the title of the artist’s work selling at a record hammer price.


Bar Graph Series

This series speaks of the 9 most expensive artworks sold in South Africa (eight of which are Irma stern works and one which is by Vladimir Tretchikoff). The cartoon-like figures illustrate the title of the works sold while the gold blocks represent monetary value, where each block represents 1million rand paid.


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